Updates to Campaign ToolBox are released on an as-needed basis. Some updates are prompted by changes in the law, some by customer requests, and some to correct bugs in the program. Updates are included in the price of your program license, and it is important that you always have the latest version installed on your system.

To update Campaign ToolBox, please follow the steps in this PDF doc.

Program UPDATE (Full Installation)
Florida FL Download
Kentucky KY Download
Pennsylvania PA Download


  • Updating the program is the same as a full installation.
  • Updating your program does not affect your existing data. It is only replacing some program files with newer versions.
  • For a brief description of changes, see the change log below.
  • Unless you see a message during the installation instructing otherwise, there is no need to go back through Initial Program Setup.


FLORIDA Log of recent revisions

Revision Description
6.0.10 ꔷ RED records are now a more manual process; previous did not allow for enough user control.
ꔷ Added generic export of contribution records in tab-delimited format.
ꔷ Removed extra Tab at end of Header record.
6.0.11 ꔷ Bug fix on RED record process. Refer to Tech Note 058 for details.
6.0.12 ꔷ Bug fix – Address was not being displayed on the Expense Spreadsheet View.
ꔷ Import Option now refreshes the database after each record, eliminating duplicate demographic records.

KENTUCKY Log of recent revisions (Click here for KREF approval letter)

Revision Description – Kentucky
2.5.10 ꔷ Added option to import Contribution records from a spreadsheet. This is not a part of the regular program, but is an added-cost option.
2.5.11 ꔷ Message box now pops up with a reminder that a new database file needs to be created after the end of the Primary election, before starting on the General.
2.6.0 ꔷ Major revision to address changes in the law.
ꔷ Corrected printing of Loan amounts.

PENNSYLVANIA Log of recent revisions

Revision Description – Pennsylvania
2.2.0 ꔷ Changes to meet new PA reporting specs effective August, 2011.
2.2.1 ꔷ Made changes to Setup Guide Step 12
ꔷ Office/District field no longer results in error due to over-sized data fields.
2.2.2 ꔷ Disabled internal FinStatus report.