Updates to Campaign ToolBox are released on an as-needed basis. Some updates are prompted by changes in the law, some by customer requests, and some to correct bugs in the program. Updates are included in the price of your program license, and it is important that you always have the latest version installed on your system.

To update Campaign ToolBox:

Backup your Database
Before running the setup file to update your program, be sure to make a backup copy of your database file in a location that you can easily find. Windows 10 can make it hard to find your database after an update. It is still there, but can be difficult to find. Start CTB, then click on “Tools > Copy database file only to folder”.
That will make a copy of your current database file in the location of your choice. That is also a good way to make routine backups. Also, note the location of your file as shown on the Opening Form – you may only need to use File>Open to relocate your database file.
  1. Check the current version on this page to see if you need to update (the version you currently have is shown on the Opening Form and by clicking on Help>About Campaign ToolBox).
  2. Click on the Download link for your state (below)
  3. When prompted, save the file to your Windows Desktop folder.
  4. After the file is downloaded, you will see a file name icon on your desktop. Double-click on it to run it. It must be installed into the same location as the previous version – use the defaults unless you have a very specific reason to do otherwise. As an alternate method, you can also select “Run” and do the update directly from the web.
    ★ If you get an error message telling you to run as Administrator, Right-click on the setup file, then select “Run as administrator” from the menu.
  5. After installing, start the program and verify that you now have the latest version. Check the “Current Versions” section on the right side of this page.
  6. After installing, confirm that the Compatibility Mode is still set correctly. Sometimes Windows will change that during an update. See this Tech Note for details.

Note: During the installation, you may see a message saying that some files are no longer being used and asking if you want to delete them. Although it probably doesn’t matter on your system, the safest move is to just let the files remain even though they are no longer needed. (That message is generated by a Microsoft “black box” installer.)

Before you Download
If you have not already subscribed, click on the SUBSCRIBE link to make sure you are notified of program updates.


Program UPDATE (Full Installation)
Florida FL Download
Kentucky KY Download
Pennsylvania PA Download


  • Updating the program is the same as a full installation.
  • Updating your program does not affect your existing data. It is only replacing some program files with newer versions.
  • For a brief description of changes, see the change log below.
  • Unless you see a message during the installation instructing otherwise, there is no need to go back through Initial Program Setup.


FLORIDA Log of recent revisions

Revision Description
6.0.9 Bug fix – Special Election reports were not working with the new DS-DE report codes. This has been corrected.
6.0.10 RED records are now a more manual process; previous did not allow for enough user control. Added generic export of contribution records in tab-delimited format. Removed extra Tab at end of Header record.
6.0.11 Bug fix on RED record process. Refer to Tech Note 058 for details.

KENTUCKY Log of recent revisions (Click here for KREF approval letter)

Revision Description – Kentucky
2.5.10 Added option to import Contribution records from a spreadsheet. This is not a part of the regular program, but is an added-cost option.
2.5.11 Message box now pops up with a reminder that a new database file needs to be created after the end of the Primary election, before starting on the General.
2.6.0 Major revision to address changes in the law. Corrected printing of Loan amounts.

PENNSYLVANIA Log of recent revisions

Revision Description – Pennsylvania
2.2.0 Changes to meet new PA reporting specs effective August, 2011.
2.2.1 Made changes to Setup Guide Step 12; Office/District field no longer results in error due to over-sized data fields.
2.2.2 Disabled internal FinStatus report.