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29 Years!
March 2024 marked the Twenty-nineth anniversary of Campaign ToolBox. Thank you for being a loyal customer!

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Campaign ToolBox™ has been the most widely-used political campaign finance reporting software in Florida since 1996, and is available for Florida, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania.

Campaign ToolBox is a political campaign finance reporting program that produces both electronic filing and hard copy reports meeting the statutory requirements of the state for which it is written. Versions are currently available for FL, KY, and PA; it is officially approved for filing in those states. IRS Form 8872 (paper reports only) is available as an option for the FL program. It is designed to be used by candidates on the state or local level, political committees, and lobbyists. Report accuracy is enhanced by a thorough record checking procedure that scans for missing or invalid data and data that appears to contradict statutory requirements.

The primary design objective is simplicity and ease of use. When adding flexibility and extra “bells and whistles” conflicts with simplicity, simplicity wins. The program is designed around the idea that data is entered one time and used for multiple purposes. Once a contribution record has been entered, that data can then be used for creating mail merge “thank you” letters and labels, internal staff reports, and other campaign management functions. Expense records can be used to generate laser-printed checks.

The program is licensed for a specific campaign for a specific period of time; records with a date later than the expiration date cannot be saved. The price of the program license is $140 for a one year period, and can be extended in 90-day increments. One year is the minimum length of license that can be purchased. The program license specifically allows the program to be installed on multiple computers for the licensed reporting entity (applies only to single reporting entities). The single license is for a single reporting entity – see Multiple Reporting Entity page for information on using the program for more than one reporting entity.

The program is available by Internet download. The program loads in Trial Mode with usage-restrictions; all features can be used and tested to determine if it meets your needs. When payment has been received, a registration code is issued which removes the Trial Mode restrictions

Licensed customers are entitled to free updates via Internet download. Technical support via phone or email is included. Support is for the current version being used by the primary contact person specified on the order form. Support is on an as-available basis during regular business hours, evenings, and weekends. While the program includes some basic financial functions, it is designed around state reporting requirements – it is not an accounting program. The law allows some transactions that can result in things like bank reconciliation not working correctly.

Campaign ToolBox, first released in January 1996, is the most widely used campaign reporting software in Florida. In FL, KY, and PA, it was the first software package approved for use in those states. Campaign ToolBox is written and supported by Stephen Clay McGehee, a former candidate and campaign treasurer for several multi-county campaigns with a background and education in industrial engineering and computer programming.