Program Updates
The current versions have remained unchanged since 2018 for FL, 2017 for KY, and 2012 for PA. Campaign ToolBox meets the state specs and the Windows versions in effect on OCT 1, 2020, and no further updates to the program are planned, regardless of changes to Windows or to the state specs.


NOTE: Campaign ToolBox is a Windows program. Please do not order if you plan to use it on a Mac system.

Price – The vast majority of Campaign ToolBox purchases are for a standard one year license with no additional options. The price for that is $140. Note that this license allows you to install and use the program on as many computers as you want to for your campaign – nothing else to buy.

There are two ways to order Campaign ToolBox:

  1. The first way is to use the web store on this site (click here).
    You can either pay by credit/debit card, or receive an invoice to pay by check.
  2. The second way is to send the following information in an email to scm@adjutant.com . You will then be sent an invoice which you can pay for by check. The invoice will include a 10-day temporary code. Please note that if an invoice is sent with a temporary code, and that invoice is not paid, no further temporary codes will be issued.

NOTE: The Pennsylvania program is on indefinite hold as of 06/01/2022 due to changes to the Cover Page that added reports for Special Elections. We just became aware of this change on 06/01/2022. For any questions on this, or to order the program without the new form (or any other changes), please use the Contact link in the menu.

(This is the name of the candidate or committee EXACTLY as you want it to appear on your reports)

STATE (FL, KY, or PA):

(1 year, 1 year + 1 quarter, 1 year + 2 quarters, 1 year + 3 quarters, etc.)


COMPANY NAME (If applicable):





You will receive an invoice that includes a 10-Day Temporary Code to get you going until your check arrives. At that time, you will be sent the full code. Please note that if an invoice is sent with a temporary code, and that invoice is not paid, no further temporary codes will be issued.


The vast majority of orders are for the Single Reporting Entity license. That offers the most flexibility – a big factor in any campaign. Some Florida or Kentucky campaigns may benefit from the Optional Program Features available for an additional charge (most campaigns will be just fine without any of the optional features, and they can be added on later if needed).

If you are a campaign consultant, accounting firm, law firm, or anyone who will be reporting for 3 or more candidates or committees and doing all work on a single computer, then you may want take a look at the Multiple Reporting Entities page.

Most orders are processed within 24 hours – often within 45 minutes.

What Happens Next?
You should go ahead and download the full program setup file (do this and test it in Trial Mode before ordering if you have any question about whether it fits your needs). Click the link for your state. When your order with payment has been received, you will receive an email with your paid invoice or receipt with your registration code and instructions.

How do I order checks and other supplies?
Campaign ToolBox uses the standard Quicken-style laser checks (voucher checks with check on top and two stubs below). These can be purchased from various suppliers; however, the checks sold by Dynamic Systems have been thoroughly tested to assure compatibility with Campaign ToolBox. You can order them by going to the Check Order page.

Payment in full must be received before the full registration code is issued; however, the 10-day temporary code will get you started right away. If you would like an invoice before payment, one can be sent, but the registration code will not be issued until payment is received. Bank “starter checks” are OK.

Any minor over-payment on a check will be cleared by adding the appropriate number of days to your license.

Click here for information about custom programming, database work, and data importing/conversion.