Order Checks

Why you should use Campaign ToolBox to print your checks

  • Accuracy – eliminate the possibility of entering one amount in the database and a different amount on your check.
  • Professional appearance – a neatly printed check conveys the image of an efficient and professional organization.
  • Time savings – consider the time it takes to hand-write a check, and then address an envelope compared to printing your check and inserting it in a window envelope.

Pro-rata refunds – if you will be returning surplus funds as pro-rata refunds to your contributors, you could have hundreds of checks to write. Campaign ToolBox will automatically create all of those refund records based on your percentage rate. You just load the printer and let Campaign ToolBox do the work. With a window envelope, you just insert the check and a thank you note, and you’re ready to go. (Pro-rata refund feature is not available on the KY program)

Flexibility – for those times when you don’t know what the amount will be but you still need to issue a check, Campaign ToolBox can print a check with a line to hand-write in the amount. The name and address of the payee is printed on the check, reducing the risk involved with issuing a blank check. When the amount is known (it should be hand-written on the stub and returned to the Treasurer along with the receipt), simply edit the expense record to show the amount.

Campaign ToolBox uses laser voucher checks with the check on top, and two voucher stubs below (same style checks as used by Quicken®). Adjutant Workshop, Inc. has partnered with Dynamic Systems, Inc., to offer you checks and envelopes that are designed and tested specifically to work with Campaign ToolBox. You can, of course, order the checks from other suppliers if you prefer; however we cannot confirm the compatibility of checks from other suppliers.

Dynamic Systems is an approved provider of checks, envelopes, and other supplies that are designed and tested to work with Campaign ToolBox. You can either order directly from their web site (or just check their prices), or call them at 1-800-782-2946.

This is the check printing form in Campaign ToolBox. It is used to select which checks are to be printed plus various printing options. When a check is printed, the check number field for that record is changed from “PRINT” to the appropriate check number. A misprinted check can be reprinted by simply changing the “Check Number” field on the Expense record back to “PRINT”. An expense record with a zero amount will print a check with a line for you to hand-write in the amount – all other information is printed on the check to reduce the risk when issuing a blank check to a campaign staff member. The “Standard Memo” is an optional field that prints above the signature.

This is a sample printed check and that same check in a double window envelope.