Multiple Reporting Entity license

The Multiple Reporting Entity license (MRE) is for 3 or more Reporting Entities where all work will be done on a single computer throughout the entire campaign.

The vast majority of Campaign ToolBox licenses are standard Single Reporting Entity licenses. (At last count, less than a half dozen customers were using the MRE license.) These are for campaigns and committees doing their own reporting. For some accounting firms and others though, the Multiple Reporting Entity license may be be a better choice. Carefully read through the following Question and Answer section to see which license is right for you.

If you use a Single Reporting Entity License, you can install it on as many computers as you want to. There are no restrictions.

If you use a Multiple Reporting Entity License, the database files are restricted to a single hard drive and will not work if moved to another hard drive. This restriction is a trade-off for purchasing the licenses at the lower price. If this restriction would inhibit your operations, you should use Single Reporting Entity licenses instead.

Single versus Multiple license

Cost Comparison – SRE vs MRE
SRE MRE Savings
1 $140 $320 -180
2 $280 $320 -40
3 $420 $320 $100
4 $560 $360 $200
5 $700 $400 $300
6 $840 $440 $400

Q: What is the difference between a Single Reporting Entity (SRE) license and a Multiple Reporting Entity (MRE) license?

Single Reporting Entity (SRE) license
* The SRE license is intended for use by a candidate campaign or PAC when doing their own reports. The vast majority of Campaign ToolBox licenses are SRE licenses.
* The SRE license is also for those preparing reports for multiple entities, but still need to use it on more than one computer or need to strictly avoid any co-mingling of funds (regarding purchasing the software license).
* A SRE license can be used on any computer.
* A SRE license can be used on any number of computers in your campaign. The candidate, treasurer, and campaign manager can share the database file to keep track of campaign finance issues as well as prepare reports.
* Any number of SRE licenses can be used on your computer.

Multiple Reporting Entity (MRE) license
* The MRE license is intended for use by accounting firms, law firms, and management firms who prepare reports for multiple clients (a minimum of 3 ).
* A MRE license is restricted to use on a single hard drive. When ordering, you must include the System ID Number (click on Help > About Campaign ToolBox to view the number). The registration code is based in part on this number. If you attempt to use the registration code on another system or move the database file to another hard drive, it will not work (Records can be viewed, but not saved.).
* The additional reporting entities can be licensed at a reduced cost, resulting in a cost-savings.
* This is only sold for a minimum of 3 reporting entities. If you do not have the names of the additional Reporting entities, you can add them later (enter “To Be Determined” when ordering). Keep in mind that no credit is given if the “To Be Determined” ones are not used.

Q: Can I use the MRE on a network?

A: Yes. As long as the program is installed on a single hard drive, you can access it from any other computer on your network. Note that tech support does NOT include assistance with networking issues. Before ordering a MRE license to use on a network, you should first install the program on the system you plan to use, and make sure you can access the program in Trial Mode from other workstations on your network.

Q: What is the System ID Number?

A: This is a number that uniquely identifies the hard drive that you want the program to run on. Your registration code will only work when running on that specific hard drive. If you try to move the database file to another hard drive, the number will not match and it will not work. A MRE license cannot be processed without this number, so your order form must include it when you send it in. You can find your System ID Number by going to the blank screen and clicking on Help, then About Campaign ToolBox.

Q: What if I have a MRE license, and my hard drive crashes or we need to switch to another computer?

A: The best way to handle this is to simply extend your licenses for another full year using the System ID Number from the new computer. If you need to have new registration codes generated due to moving to another computer and you are not renewing for another year, there will be a $75 charge to issue new registration codes for all reporting entities licensed to that computer. Again, the best way to handle this though, is to simply extend your licenses for another full year using the System ID Number from the new computer – the $75 charge does not apply in that case.

Q: I already have a MRE license. Can I convert it to a SRE license?

A: If you have a MRE license and find you need to move a file to another computer (for example, the candidate decides he would rather do the reports himself), that can be done be paying the difference between the two different license types (please send an email and we’ll let you know the exact amount).

Q: How do I order a MRE Campaign ToolBox license?

A: Email a list of Reporting Entities you want to license to You will receive an invoice that details your order and the total price. Use that invoice number and amount with the Invoiced Items page on the web store to purchase your license. You can pay by either check or credit/debit card.