Optional Add-On Features
The basic Campaign ToolBox will handle the majority of campaigns just fine. There are some campaigns, however, that would benefit from extra features that are available at an additional charge.

Why not include them in all programs? These features required a lot of additional programming time for a relatively small number of customers. We try to keep the price low enough for any campaign to be able to afford it, so it wouldn’t be fair to increase the price on all programs to pay for that additional programming.

Import Option
Import is an optional add-on for Campaign ToolBox designed for campaigns that have large quantities of Contributions to report. It is not included in the price of the regular license. This feature allows a campaign to create a spreadsheet file of contribution records, and then import them into Campaign ToolBox. This is available only on the Single Reporting Entity license, and is currently available for the Florida and Kentucky programs. The price for this add-on is $100 per year.

Before a file is imported into the program, it checks one record to see if it already exists in the database file. If it does exist, a warning message is displayed. This helps prevent accidentally importing the same file more than once.

While the inner workings are complex, the actual importing is very simple from the user’s point of view. The function is accessed by clicking on the “Activities” menu item. To import the file, you browse to locate the Source file and click the Import button.

The import Source files are in tab-delimited format, which means that you will need to save the file to that format from your Open Office or Libre Office or Excel spreadsheet before importing. Campaign ToolBox expects to receive the data in a very specific format, so be sure to follow the file specs exactly. See details of the Florida Contributions, Florida Expenses, and Kentucky Contributions file specifications and how it works.

This feature creates the Paper version of the IRS-8872 tax return. Before ordering this add-on, be sure to confirm that you are required to file it (very few committees need to file this any more). It is important to note that this creates the paper copy only – it does NOT handle electronic filing with the IRS. The price for this is $40 per year.