General Program Info and Compatibility

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What is Campaign ToolBox?

Campaign ToolBox handles the statutory reporting requirements plus the internal reports, data checking, volunteer tracking, and other features that most campaigns will need. What the program includes or doesn’t include is based on my own experience as a candidate, treasurer, and campaign staff member as well as comments and requests from current customers. “Features” are not added simply because they sound like a good marketing point. It is designed for customers who understand that campaign software is a tool to help win an election; more features and complexity does not mean more votes.

The primary design objective is to provide a simple, easy to use tool to help you comply with campaign finance reporting laws and to make your campaign organization as efficient as possible.

The key points are:

  • help the customer comply with applicable laws
  • build a solid database of contributors and supporters (or those a committee supports)
  • enter data one time to meet the needs of most campaigns
  • create data files for electronic filing of reports as well as hard copy reports

What our customers are saying about Campaign ToolBox:

  • “The superior design of your software made our job of Campaign Treasurer easier.”
  • “The in-house reports generated by Campaign ToolBox were also extremely helpful in accounting for revenues and expenses.”
  • “It made our first experience at being a Campaign Treasurer a pleasant and worthwhile endeavor…”
  • “One individual, having been familiar with antiquated methods of reporting, was awed by the ease with which tasks were completed.”
  • “The total integration of your ToolBox was a delight.”
  • “I really do appreciate your going out of your way to help your customers. Nobody else does what you do.” (via email)
  • “So far, I’ve used Campaign ToolBox to organize the finances of a special election campaign and a county affiliate, and I’m a happy camper. I will strongly recommend this software to anyone who ends up serving as a political Treasurer!” (via email)
  • “We hope that you will find this new offering exciting and helpful. It was designed to assist candidates in complying with statutory reporting requirements and to streamline our office services to candidates and to the public. Some of the more helpful features of the software include the elimination of the need for manually calculating large totals, the elimination of typing or hand writing each entry, and the benefit of calculating contributors’ contributions for cumulative limits. The program has received very positive reviews from current users.”
    Kentucky Registry of Election Finance letter to candidates regarding to Campaign ToolBox

Compatibility – Campaign ToolBox runs under most current versions of Microsoft Windows. Windows 7 and higher users should install Campaign ToolBox using Compatibility settings (see Tech Note 047). Campaign ToolBox (like the vast majority of currently-used, non-Microsoft software) will not run under Windows RT. Windows RT is a version of Windows 8 and is a tablet-based operating system that only comes pre-installed on ARM-based devices.

I strongly encourage you to download and install the program and test it out under Trial Mode before ordering if you have any question about compatibility with your particular computer.