Request a Temporary Code

If you would like to pay by check, yet still get started immediately, please use this form to request a 10-day Temporary Code. That will give plenty of time for your check to arrive. When you receive your regular code, you’ll go back through Initial Program Setup and replace the temporary code and expire date with the new code and expire date.

Name field – Enter the name of the primary contact for your campaign.

Email field – Enter the email address that the Temporary Code should be sent to.

Reporting Entity field – Be sure to enter this exactly as you want it to appear on your statutory reports. Your registration code will be based on what is entered here. This has a 70-character limit and should NOT include any quote marks.

Message – Nothing is required here, but use it if there are any comments you would like to include.

CAPTCHA code – This is used to keep those nasty spam-bots away.

A temporary code may only be issued one time per year, so please don’t delay putting your check in the mail.

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