Privacy Policy
Customer information is not released by Adjutant Workshop, Inc. to anyone for any reason, with the following exception:

An authorized representative of the state agency to which statutory reports are submitted, or a state or federal law enforcement official may request information or confirmation of otherwise public information that is a normal part of customer operations such as contact name, address, phone, etc., or information such as when a program was purchased. No information concerning any customer-entered data, tech support questions or conversations, or anything other than basic customer information required to process an order will be released without a court order.

Return Policy
Once software has been ordered and the registration code issued, it cannot be returned for a refund or credit – no exceptions. If you have any question about the suitability of the program for your specific needs, please download and use the program in Trial Mode before ordering. Trial Mode allows you to test all features and functions of the program – the number of records permitted is restricted, and the Statutory Reports are created as samples only.

Reselling, transferring, discounts, etc.
Have you ever bought something and then heard that someone else got the same thing for less? Not a very good feeling was it? That’s why there is one standard price schedule, available to anyone.

The program is licensed for use by the original licensee and the license is not transferable. The software is only licensed and supported directly by Adjutant Workshop, Inc.; licenses are sold only to the end user or a government entity purchasing software for the end user. There are no “dealers” or “resellers” or other quantity purchasers. The software is not bundled or packaged with any other software not produced by Adjutant Workshop, Inc..

W-9 and Other Business Information
If you are required by the IRS to obtain Form W-9 from Adjutant Workshop, Inc., please download it by clicking here.