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Program Updates
The current versions have remained unchanged since 2018 for FL, 2017 for KY, and 2012 for PA. Campaign ToolBox meets the state specs and the Windows versions in effect on OCT 1, 2020, and no further updates to the program are planned, regardless of changes to Windows or to the state specs.


The web store that we had been using for years has been replaced with this greatly simplified web store. Unlike the “full featured” web store, there is no account to log into and nothing to navigate through – everything is here on this one page.
• You will receive a paid Sales Receipt by email which includes your registration information. Please make sure that you enter your correct email address on the PayPal payment page.
ꔷ Payment is handled exactly as it was previously – you will be taken to the PayPal system for payment and then returned to this page. You do NOT need a PayPal account – it functions just like any other on-line payment system.
ꔷ No financial information is collected, handled, or stored on this site – it is all done after being transferred to the PayPal system for payment.

Please click on the links for a complete description and order notes:

Campaign ToolBox
ꔷ Program license for a new Reporting Entity or a renewal of an existing license
ꔷ We strongly encourage you to download, install, and try out the program in Trial Mode before ordering. Once a registration code is issued, there are no returns.
Campaign ToolBox runs under the Windows operating system – it will NOT run on a Mac.
Campaign ToolBox is sold as being compatible with the version of Windows in use when Campaign ToolBox is installed on your system for the first time. We cannot guarantee compatibility with future versions of Windows.

Pennsylvania Program Note
The Pennsylvania program no longer meets the current specs as of 06/01/2022 due to changes to the Cover Page that added reports for Special Elections. We just became aware of this change on 06/01/2022 (from a customer – not the state). For any questions on this, please use the Contact link in the menu.

License duration
Report Entity (Candidate name)

Import Option
• Import Option is NOT required for filing your reports and is only available on the FL and KY programs.


IRS 8872
• IRS-8872 is used by very few campaigns. Make sure you really need it before ordering.
• Available on FL program only.
• Produces the paper report only – no electronic IRS filing

Additional quarters to an existing license
• Use this to extend your existing license or a license that has been expired for no more than 90 days.

90-day quarters to add
Report Entity (Candidate name)

Pay an Invoice
• Use this to pay an invoice that has been issued to you. Please be sure to include the invoice number in the field provided.
• After you click on the “Add to Cart” button, you will see a place to select quantity. Enter the number of dollars shown on the invoice. (A quantity of “100” equals $100.)

Invoice Number