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About Campaign ToolBox

• Campaign ToolBox runs under the Windows operating system only.
• This license is for a single reporting entity (typically a candidate or a political committee) for a minimum period of one year, counted as 365 days from the date the license and registration is issued. The duration of the license may be extended in 90 day increments to meet the needs of your campaign by using the drop-down list when you order.
• If you later find that you need more time, but not a full year, your current license may be extended in 90 day increments at additional cost.
• The License Agreement specifically allows you to install the program on as many computers as you want to for your campaign.
• Read the Campaign ToolBox Program License and program and compatibility information before ordering.

To Order Campaign ToolBox – Please note the following:

1) Enter the name of the Candidate or Committee in the REPORT ENTITY field (below). The Reporting Entity is typically just the candidate’s name or the name of the committee. This is case-sensitive. Max. size is 70 characters. The registration code is based on this, so your order cannot be processed without it.

2) If your order is for more than one Reporting Entity, create a separate order for each. Alternatively, you can contact us with the details and receive an invoice that can be paid by check.

• After payment has been received, your order will be processed and a registration code generated. This code is based on the name of the candidate or committee, so be sure to enter the name EXACTLY as you want it to appear on your reports. It is case-sensitive. The registration code is what removes the Trial Mode restrictions on the downloaded program.
• Most orders are processed within 24 hours; depending on the time of day, a 45 minute turn-around is fairly typical.
• You will receive a paid Sales Receipt by email which includes your registration information.

Downloading the software
Campaign ToolBox can be downloaded at any time since it always loads in Trial Mode. To download, go to the Campaign ToolBox web site, click on the Programs menu item, then select your state. You will see instructions and a download link on that page.

Return Policy (No Returns)
Once software has been ordered and the registration code issued, it cannot be returned for a refund or credit. If you have any question about the suitability of the program for your specific needs and your specific computer, please download and use the program in Trial Mode before ordering. Trial Mode allows you to test all features and functions of the program – the number of records permitted is restricted, and the Reports are created as samples only.

Renewals for the same reporting entity will use the previous expire date as the starting date for the new order, so there is no penalty for sending in your renewal early and no advantage in renewing after the expire date. Orders placed 90 days or more after the expire date are considered a new order and the order date is used as the starting date.

Program Options
• IRS-8872 is used by very few campaigns. Make sure you really need it before ordering. Available on FL program only.
• Import Option is NOT required for filing your reports and is only available on the FL and KY programs.
• To order these options for periods of more than one year, please email us, and we’ll send you an invoice to pay from.
• Please see the Campaign ToolBox web site for details on these options before ordering.