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NOTE: The Pennsylvania program is on indefinite hold as of 06/01/2022 due to changes to the Cover Page that added reports for Special Elections. We just became aware of this change on 06/01/2022. For any questions on this, or to order the program without the new form (or any other changes), please use the Contact link in the menu.

The Pennsylvania version of Campaign ToolBox is the second in the series of Campaign ToolBox programs.

The full program install file contains the complete installation. The program always loads in Trial Mode, so there is no password or code required to download and install the program. Registration information is entered into the database during initial program setup.

Campaign ToolBox is updated as reporting requirements change and as new features are added. When you purchase a license to use Campaign ToolBox, all program updates are included at no extra charge, so please be sure to take advantage of that and always have the latest version of the program.


To do a fresh install of Campaign ToolBox, please follow the steps in this PDF doc.


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